Welcome to Little Scholars Preschool the perfect place to learn and grow.

Our nursery in Nagarabhavi

Our nursery offers a bright and welcoming environment that will encourage fun, learning and interaction for your child.

Our nursery in Nandini Layout

We provide a bright and welcoming environment that will encourage fun, learning and interaction.


Our Ethos

At Little Scholars Preschool we provide a stimulating, nurturing, loving environment for children between 1.8 yrs to 6 yrs, enabling them to graduate into big school with confidence.

It’s our aim to carefully bridge the gap between home, nursery and school.

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Preschool Activities to Ensure Better Child Development

Our aim is to provide your child with a wide variety of engaging and fun activities to help them make friends easily, gain confidence and communicate what they want – all the qualities they need for a brilliant start to school life.

Helping your child to learn and grow with a rich curriculum

As your child grows, we focus on four further areas of development – Specific Areas – which are: Literacy, Math’s, Enviornmental Science Art and Craft.

We have adapted a Concept Centric Curriculum

The programme is divided across four age groups with the number of topics expanding as the children grow. By the time the children reach pre-school age, they explore multiple topics, including Phonics, Alphabets and Numbers, all carefully tailored to prepare them for the next exciting step, "Starting School"

Keyworker Partners – Supporting your child’s learning

Experience shows a successful way of working with our children is via a keyworker system. This is where your child is assigned to a highly trained members of staff to look after your child as part of a small group. As well as giving them one-to-one attention.

One of the ways keyworkers do this is to observe and assess your child on an on-going basis to get to know their specific interests and unique learning style. In turn this information is used to create an individual learning plan to enable them to reach their full learning potential with ‘next steps planning’.

Some Interesting Facts

Fun Learning AND MONTESSORI  Methods
Friendly and Innovative Teachers
Registered with Govt of Karnataka